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Content Warning
Lola King's books are dark romances for 18+ readers only. Please, make sure to check the content warnings inside each individual book. 

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Stoneview Stories

Content warning for Stoneview Stories include:

-Dub con


-Intense sexual scenes

-Bondage and impact play

-Cheating (not between FMC and MMC)

-Anti heroes

-Unredeemable characters

-Mention of child abuse

-Drug use

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North Shore Stories

Content warning for North Shore Stories include:

-Non con

-Dub con

-Mention of past sexual assault




Rose's Duet trio.png

Rose's Duet

Content warning Rose's Duet include:

-Dub con


-Sexual Assault (on page)

-Child Abuse

-Mention of racism

-Mention of drug addiction

-Domestic abuse (on page)

-Mention of cheating



-BDSM incl. knife play, blood play, power exchange, restraint, impact play, Dom/sub, Domme/sub, degradation/humiliation, public play

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