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All Lola King's books happen in the same world at different times

The timeline below is a suggested way to read all the books in order of events happening in the Lola King world!

You can also read them in order of release.

Both ways ensure a spoiler-free way to go through this crazy world!

All books are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Stoneview Stories

A complete trilogy

He started as my bully...


Three years.

That’s how much time my twin sister and I got before our past caught up with us.

We were doing well, we were being good, we were keeping out of trouble. Most of all, I was in control.

But trouble always finds a reason to make its way back to us. And when it does, Jamie Williams is here to witness it.

In the morning I learned of her existence.

In the afternoon she was spying on me like a fangirl.

By the evening I figured I had threatened her enough to stay silent.

Guess I will need to get a little more creative since my threats didn’t work on her.

I have time on my hands, darkness on my mind, and a hundred ways to make Jamie Williams bend to my will.

Giving In 3D mockup.jpg

Book 1

Giving In

She's desperate to find out his secret, and she will regret it.

Giving Up 3D mockup.jpg

Book 3

Giving Up

It's time to make a choice.

Giving Away 3D mockup.jpg

Book 2

Giving Away

He will never let her go. Not even if she chooses someone else.

One Last Kiss PB.png

Extended Epilogue

One Last Kiss

Do I need to remind you that you belong to me?

Rose's Duet

A complete Duet

Power lies in surrender


I’ve had enough trouble to last me a lifetime. And yet, it doesn’t stop fate from trying to screw me over and over again.

I had barely tasted the freedom of having put my abusive foster dad away when I got kidnapped by his rivals.
I was able to think about a lot of things during the two years I disappeared. What is important in life? What matters to me? What did I take for granted?

I’m sure our town of Stoneview has never been more peaceful than without me and all the troubles I brought along.

Tough. I’m back now. Everyone thinks I’m going to be meek, controlled, tamed. Don’t they know me? Fighting is all I have ever done. Fury is all I know.

I’ve got two things on my mind. Take back the girl I’ve always loved. Get revenge on my childhood best friend for his betrayal.

I wasn’t prepared for the fact that Rachel is now engaged to a man who doesn’t deserve her. Or that Sam was already plotting a revenge of his own.

She wants to make me her dirty secret and he wants to use me to find the men who took me.

But they should know how stubborn I am. They should know what I want, I get. Their addiction to me only means I own them. Their twisted games only mean I can’t trust them.

But mainly? They should never trust me.

This is a dark, polyamorous, LGBTQIA+ romance and is for 18+ readers only. It contains MM, MF, FF, and MMFF scenes as well as scenes some readers may find triggering. 


Prequel Novella

Queen of Broken Hearts

We match like fire and gasoline.


Book 2

Ace of All Hearts

Our blood is poisoned with a passion for chaos. And chaos we found in each other.


Book 1

King of My Heart

I'm getting more than I bargained for in a dangerous game I'm not sure I can win anymore.

North Shore Stories

Four Interconnected Standalones

Welcome to the North Shore...

Silver Falls: the epitome of the American dream

Just like every American dream, it hides its dark, dirty side not far from reach, but far enough to turn a blind eye to it.
Welcome to the North Shore.

A broken town split into two gangs.

The Kings of the North Shore or the North Shore Crew


Choose your side.


The war spares no one.

3D graphic.jpg

Book 1

Beautiful Fiend

Now available!

She only wants one thing; to leave their broken town. He only wants one thing; her.


Book 3

Delightful Sins

Coming 2023!

She betrayed them and ran away.

They will find her and make her pay.

available AUGUST 27.png

Book 2

Heartless Beloved

Coming August 28, 2023!

He is everything she's been warned against. She is everything he hates.


Book 4

Lawless God

Coming 2023!

He's a ghost from the past, and he's back to haunt her.

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