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Villains, Heartbreaks, and Happy Ever Afters

Lola King is a dark, steamy romance author who loves giving happy ever afters to antiheroes.

She writes about flawed and deeply broken characters, and the women who make them fall to their knees. Her books are sometimes cute, sometimes angsty, but always sexy!

Latest Release


He is everything she's been warned against. She is everything he hates.

I’m from a place where you eat or get eaten. Two gangs are at war, and I’m hungry for survival.

Growing up in a broken town doesn’t make you a good man. In fact, the North Shore of the Falls has made me merciless.
I survive because I’m a good soldier for the North Shore Crew. I’m cool-headed, I never lose sight of my goals, and my only obsession is to wrench our town from the clutches of our sworn enemies, the Kings.

Alexandra Delacroix is just a job. Plain and simple. She lives in our neighboring town, in the millionaires’ heaven they call Stoneview.
The plan is straightforward: charm her, uncover incriminating information about her senator father, and tip the balance of power in our favor.

But unlike the other rich girls from Stoneview I use as toys, Alexandra is kind, selfless… sweet. Sickeningly so. A bright pink cupcake with glitter and sprinkles on the icing. That kind of sweet.

We have nothing in common. Nothing but the secrets we keep.

And before I know it, my priorities change.

Before I know it… Alexandra Delacroix is my new obsession.

Coming November 30

Delightful Sins​

She betrayed them and ran away. They want their revenge.

Delightful Sins is a dark enemies-to-lovers menage romance. It's the third standalone in the North Shore Stories and can be read on its own.
Full blurb coming soon.

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