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Villains, Heartbreaks, and Happy Ever Afters

Lola King is a dark, steamy romance author who loves giving happy ever afters to antiheroes.

She writes about flawed and deeply broken characters, and the women who make them fall to their knees. Her books are sometimes cute, sometimes angsty, but always sexy!

Latest Release

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In this dangerous game of love, what happens when my heart has room for three?

I’ve had enough trouble to last me a lifetime, and yet it doesn’t stop fate from trying to screw with me over and over again.

I had barely tasted the freedom of putting my abuser away when I got kidnapped. Two years later, I’m free and forced to face the people I left behind.

But nothing goes as planned.

My childhood best friend, Sam, thinks I betrayed him. Now, he wants me dead. His boyfriend, Lik, is becoming strangely obsessed with me, and our moments alone leave me burning for more. And my ex-girlfriend, Rachel, is too possessive to let me go. She’s addicted, no matter how much she tries to move on from me and our connection.

Blackmail, Violence, Obsession… the twisted games we play are bound to leave painful scars, and yet my heart craves their lasting impressions.

But, we can’t seem to stop, even when my past comes back to haunt me.

Four Hearts. One Game of Love. Who holds the winning hand?

May the best player win.

A Game of Hearts is an omnibus containing Rose's Complete Collection, including one novella and two full-length novels.

Coming April 4

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I sent a psychopath to prison. Now he's out and back for revenge.

They call me Kayla ‘The Ruthless’ King. The Queen of the North Shore and leader of the Kings’ Crew.

Because of the sacrifices I’ve made and the merciless way I run my crew, the North Shore belongs to me.

In our town, you can only thrive if you're the worst of the worst. But that all ended when the psychopath I put away returned with a target on my back.

If I'm The Ruthless King, Nathan White is The Lawless God. The biggest and baddest of them all. He's heartless and cruel, and everyone is safer out of his way. Including me.

When he comes back to the North Shore with only my name on his lips, I know my days are numbered. Or so I thought until he took me.

Nathan doesn't want me dead. He wants me to suffer. And what better way than to keep me captive as he destroys my crew and legacy.

I'm fighting a war that I'm unprepared for, and in the midst of chaos, my feelings blur with the need for survival. My secrets aren't safe anymore, and neither is my heart.

You know what they say? Never fall in love with the enemy.

Too late for that.

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